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Reykjavik Film Festival
Unchained Beauty
Hrafnhildur Gunnarsdottir & Tina Naccache
5. okt 2007
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7. okt 2007


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Asta Dora Egilsdottir Untamed Beauty 2007

Andrew Specker, Flame 2007 and Friend 2007
Andrew Specker, Flame 2007 and Friend 2007
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Asta Dora Egilsdottir is the Untamed Beauty 2007. 

The juges and the UB group know beauty is not something one can compete in and therefore put all the names of the contestants in a hat.  One of the juges drew Asta Dora´s name out of the hat.

Asta Dora Egilsdsóttir Personality og Iceland 2007
Maria Dogg Þrastardottir Foreigner 2007
Rudolph Stephensen Original 2007
Olöf Hildur Gisladóttir Galloper 2007
Kristín Thorisdottir Courage 2007
Asthildur Cesil Thordardottir The Aura 2007
Oddur Eliasson Nature 2007
Andrew Specker Flame 2007
Nikkolina Þorvaldsdóttir Internet Comment 2007
Asta Dora Egilsdóttir Favourate 2007
Matthildur Helgadottir Michelin 2007
Ornólfur Ornólfsson Mr. Chocolate 2007
Thelma Hjaltadottir Mr. Chocolate 2007
Kristinn Orri Hjaltason postcard 2007
Soffia Ingimarsdottir Make-up jar 2007
Andrew Specker Friend 2007
Oddur Eliasson Dansukker 2007

 more information about the contstants here    and about the titles here

Competition Titles

   The main title and the superior dream of every contestant is to be nominated the Óbeisluð fegurð 2007 (Untamed Beauty 2007). Those who do not acquire that honor do not need to despair for there will be many amusing and honorable titles to aim for. The contestant who has the greatest personality aquires the title Persónuleiki Íslands 2007 (Personality of Iceland 2007). Útlendingur 2007 (Foreigner 2007) has to be a foreigner or have a special relationship with foreign countries or foreigners.
     The most original contestant aquires the title Orginal 2007 (Original 2007). The one contestant who has the most courage or guts or has become more couragous becomes Kjarkur 2007 (Courage 2007).  Áran 2007 (The Aura 2007) is a special honour the witch will give for the best aura. The sweetest contestant will be named Dansukker 2007 ( Dansukker 2007).
       Náttúra 2007 (Nature 2007), by tradition the participants in such competition are fond of nature perserve.
The hottest one will become Funi 2007 (Flame 2007). The most interesting comment regarding a contestant given on the internet  will become Netálit 2007 (Internet Comment 2007).
      Uppáhald 2007 (Favourate 2007)
will be chosen by the audiance. Herra Súkkulaði 2007 (Mr. Chocolate 2007) and Fröken Súkkulaði 2007 (Mrs. Chocolate 2007) for the gourmand of men and women. The most photogenic contestant will be titled Póstkort 2007 (Postcard 2007). The most colorful contestant and the one most likely to become a star;  Meikdollan 2007 (Make-up jar 2007).
Number of years, big bellies and magnitude of wrinkles will be taken into consideration when deciding for Michelin 2007 (Michelin 2007)
The jugdes will give notice to bearing of the feet and stateliness when choosing Töltari 2007 (Galloper 2007).
The contestants themselves will choose Vinur 2007 (Friend 2007).

Pictures of the contestants

Pictures of the contestants are avaleble on this website now.

Untamed Beauty reaches international attention

One of the contestants Asthildur Thordardottir and Matthildur Helgadottir from the UB group (BBC interview)
One of the contestants Asthildur Thordardottir and Matthildur Helgadottir from the UB group (BBC interview)

The international media has taken interest in the untamed beauty contest.
Inquiries and requests for interviews has flooded our mailbox.

The organizers and participants have been interviewed by the BBC, Talk 107 in Edinburgh and the Irish Newstalk.

For more information and media information contact the organizers at untamed@untamedbeauty.org.
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