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Oddur Eliasson

Oddur Eliasson was born a year after the Chernobyl disaster.  He is an unemployed looser and a model wannabe counting on his inhereted  viking charms. He considers himself an environmental activist if that would help him with his modelling carrier.

Nikolina Thorvaldsdottir

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Nikolina Thorvaldsdottir, always called Lina, was born in the sixties. She is a 1/4 danish and is proud of it.  She lives in Bolungarvik.  Lina is one of the untamed because of her beautifull figure and how tall she is.  She is such a babe.

Kristín Thorisdottir

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Kristin Thorisdottir was introduced to the world the same year as the Chevy 2 but is in better condition than most of them.  She is one of the untamed beauties for three reasons;  to support this idea of normal beauty, entertain her self and others and to increase her selfconfidence. She wants peace on earth and respect for nature.

Thelma Hjaltadóttir

Thelma Hjaltadottir was born in Isafjordur in the seventies. She is a journalist at the local paper and a mother of two perfect boys. She is a peaceloving person with a great respect for nature.

Andrew Specker

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Andrew Specker was born in Australia the same year England won the World Cup.  His parents are English and his daughter is Icelandic.  His goals in life are to have a dozen more kids spread over the world so they can look after him and continue spreading the word of love,  peace and happiness,  not to mention the enviroment , challanged people  animal rights, equal rights for women and his favourite ; free tattoos for all. He is currently in talks with a big publishing company to print his book 
FATHER IN THE NORTH rrp $19.99,  soon also to be a mini series.

Olof Hildur Gisladottir

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Olof Hildur was born in Sudureyri but lives in Isafjordur and runs her own store, Orkusteinar.

Soffia Ingimarsdottir

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Soffia Ingimarsdottir lives in Flateyri. She was born in the fifties.

Kristinn Orri Hjaltason

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Kristinn Orri was born 1980 in Isafjodur and works in the local bookstore.

Maria Dogg Thrastardottir

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Maria Dogg was born the year before Chernobil and works at the local gasstation in Isafjordur.

Rudolph Stephenson

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Rudolph Stephenson was born i Jamaika the same year the Beatles got famous. He lives in Isafjordur.  Rudy as he is known up here is currently studying political science at the university of isafjordur and is currently working on a paper about the effects of rastfarian culture on icelandic politics today, Rudy has one beautiful 15yr old daughter that he love very much but does not want any more as they cost to much money, Rudy lives alone with his 2 cats bob and marley.....GIVE PEACE A CHANCE

Asta Dora Egilsdottir

Asta Dora is older than the Republic of Iceland but that does not make her danish. She is of course Icelandic and lives at Hlif the retirement homes of Isafjordur. She seems like a peaceable woman but believe us ... she is not sitting in a rocking chair ...she is rocking the place.

Ornolfur Ornolfsson

Ornolfur Ornolfsson works as ironman in 3X Technology in Isafjordur.

Asthildur Cesil Thordardottir

Asthildur Cesil was born in Isafjordur and is at the same age as the Republic of Iceland. She is a peaceful and jolly witch who flies around on her broom at night taking care of nature´s plants.